National Skip Bins

Book a skip today in 5 easy steps!

It has never been easier to book a skip! National Skip Bins offer an easy 5 step process to book a bin, Perth, meaning you’ll get rid of your unwanted waste in no time!

Step 1: Enter your postcode

First thing’s first – in order to book one of our skips online, you need to supply us with your postcode so we know where we will be delivering your skip to!

Step 2: Select your waste type

We have 4 different types of skip bins depending on your waste needs:

General waste:

This waste type is one of the most common as it is suitable for a variety of situations and environments including households, offices, gardens and more. Examples of what CAN be put in this type of bin includes: light domestic waste, office waste, white goods and garden waste. Waste which can NOT be put in this type of bin includes: asbestos, liquids or hazardous materials, tyres, any food products or any food waste, sand, soil and other rubble.

Mixed Heavy waste:

Mixed Heavy waste suits a variety of circumstances where there is a range of materials to go into the bin, which may be large, bulky, or heavy. Examples of what CAN be put in a Mixed Heavy bin include: builders waste, white goods and other furniture, timber, metal – for example steel, bricks, tiles, concrete and sand. Material which can NOT be put in a Mixed Heavy bin includes: asbestos, liquids or hazardous materials, types, food products or other food waste.

Green waste:

Perfect for the green-fingered patron, a Green Waste bin is suitable for the majority of types of garden waste including: grass clippings, leaves, tree trimmings and small branches, weeds and tree bark, trunks up to a maximum diameter of 300mm. These bins can only accept Green waste and are NOT suitable for other types of waste such as: any general waste, asbestos, liquids or hazardous materials, tyres, food products or food waste, rubble, soil or sand, tree trunks and stumps with a diameter larger than 300mm.

Rubble and Soil:

This type of bin is only suitable for rubble and soil waste. This rubble and soil can be made up of bricks, tiles, pavers, sand or limestone. This type of bin can NOT be used for any general waste, green or garden waste, food products and food waste, liquids or hazardous materials, tyres or asbestos.

Step 3: Select your bin size

Once you’ve decided what type of waste you need to get rid of, you need to choose the size of your bin. We have a variety of skip bins ranging from 2 – 10 cubic meters and supply a handy skip bin size guide to help you decide which size you need.

Step 4: Choose your dates

Once you know what size bin you need and what waste you’ll be getting rid of, you just need to decide when you want it delivered, how long you want it for and when you would like us to collect your bin.

Step 5: Summary and payment

You’re now ready to go! We’ll show you a summary of your order and you can enter your details for processing the payment.

What are you waiting for?! Take a look at our skips online and follow our 5 easy steps to book a skip today!