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Commit to a skip hire this January 2018

January is here and with it comes the barrage of New Year’s Resolutions – This year I’m going to: exercise more, drink less, stick to my diet, stop smoking, stay in contact with my friends… whatever it is we all know that unfortunately there’s a high probability that you may have slipped up already by the end of January.


Committing to a year-long resolution or changing bad habits is difficult. But what if you could make a good start in the new year with one simple action? Isn’t it about time you went through your old things and finally got rid of all that stuff that you just don’t use, want or need anymore? Some of it may be able to be sold or go to an Op shop – that’s got the added bonus of earning you some extra money or helping those in need – but what about the stuff that is broken, rubbish or simply no use to anyone anymore? Start 2018 with a clean and fresh start and rent a skip and begin decluttering your home (or business) ready for the year ahead.

Here at National Skip Bins we offer high-quality and competitive skip hire for a range of waste disposal needs, specialising in skip bin hire for domestic and commercial needs. Our skip bins are available in a range of convenient sizes – from a 2m3 size for those small jobs that you have been meaning to do to a whopping 10m3 size perfect for a massive clear out – and all come with an access door for wheelbarrow use. In addition, we offer 4 different waste categories for you to choose from, depending on the type of waste that you need to dispose of:

General waste:

Includes light domestic waste, office waste, white goods and garden waste. Waste which can NOT go in the General Waste bin includes: asbestos, liquids or hazardous materials, tyres, any food products or any food waste, sand, soil and other rubble.

Mixed Heavy waste:

Includes large, bulky, or heavy items for example: builders waste, white goods and other furniture, timber, metal – for example steel, bricks, tiles, concrete and sand. Material which can NOT be put in a Mixed Heavy bin includes: asbestos, liquids or hazardous materials, tyres, food products or other food waste.

Green waste:

Suitable for the majority of types of garden waste including: grass clippings, leaves, tree trimmings and small branches, weeds and tree bark, trunks up to a maximum diameter of 300mm, but NOT any other types of waste such as general waste, asbestos, liquids or hazardous materials, tyres, food products or food waste, rubble, soil or sand, tree trunks and stumps with a diameter larger than 300mm.

Rubble and Soil: Only suitable for rubble and soil waste (bricks, tiles, pavers, sand or limestone etc). This type of bin can NOT be used for any general waste, green or garden waste, food products and food waste, liquids or hazardous materials, tyres or asbestos.

So what are you waiting for!? Contact National Skip Bins or go online for an instant quote today and start off your 2018 the right way!