National Skip Bins

How does skip hire work? Your questions answered


If I decide to rent a bin, how does the delivery and collection work?

When you are booking you waste bin hire online, one of the steps is to choose the delivery and collection dates to determine the length of hire duration for your skip bin. On your selected delivery date, your skip bin will arrive between 8 am and midday, unless you have arranged an alternative set delivery time. To arrange a set delivery time you simply need to contact our team on 1800 927 833, preferably with at least 24 hours notice so we can cater to your request. Likewise, all of our bins are collected between 8 am and 4 pm on your chosen collection date, unless otherwise specified. You do not need to be present when your bin is being delivered or collected. We can take any special delivery or collection instructions into consideration at the time of booking, just please make sure that you note them down for us when you reach 'Step 5. Summary and Payment' of the online booking process. Please be aware that once our driver has placed the skip bin they cannot be moved by either yourself or any vehicles. We will always endeavour to place the skip bin in the location you requested during your order, however in situations where this is not possible due to obstructions, we will place the skip bin as close to required location as possible.

How to I go about filling my skip bin?

During the online booking process you are able to specify exactly what size of bin you need (from a choice of our 6 convenient sizes) and what waste type you need to dispose of (from a choice of 4 types of waste category). Each waste category has guidelines on what can and can not be disposed of in each waste type, and there are also some restrictions on certain things that can never be placed in any of our skip bins. When it comes to disposing of your waste, each of our skip bins comes with a convenient access door so you can use a wheelbarrow to manoeuvre your waste into the skip bin. Please be aware that whatever size of skip bin you have hired, it can be only be filled level to the top of the skip bin. We are unable to collect any skip bins that have been overloaded, and we may have to remove the excess items in order to transport the skip bin safely. Please be advised that due to the Department of Transport licensing weight restrictions, 8m³ and 10m³ bins can only be filled with rubble and sand to the marked line of the bin, which equates to 6m³ of rubble and sand and the balance of other general waste.

Why should I use National skip bins for my Perth bin hire needs?

There are many reasons why you should choose National Skip Bins for your Perth bin hire needs. In addition to our high quality skip bins, we pride ourselves on providing all of our customers with a trusted and reliable service. Our dedicated sales and enquiries team work tirelessly to provide you with a quick and professional service and can promise you competitive and affordable pricing! To find out more, contact us today via email ([email protected]) or phone (1800 WASTED/1800 927 833)!